About Us

Fencing and Decking was established  to continue our previous business historical good will with loyal local trade and general public customers in South Wales.

Fencing and Decking’s objective is to continue providing a reliable service of locally sourced and produced Fencing and Decking material to the same quality and exacting standards we have done for over the last 30 years in South Wales and this can only be maintained in a small dedicated business.

The Fencing and Decking team has the unrivalled experience gained over the last 30 years of being responsible for the design and manufacture of a large number of kiln and green/brown treatment plants used by many of the largest sawmills all over the UK Ireland and Europe still today.

Our knowledge and experience in timber manufacturing and most importantly its preservation can continue to be relied on.

This will give both long term benefits and sustainability for the environment and customers.

Fencing and Decking can be trusted to be here in South Wales providing quality, service and a long term commitment to the supply of timber for the Fencing and Decking market.